We wanted to share some of the great comments we’ve received from GZ’rs, we’re very inspired by the passion many have towards clean, pure food.  We would love to hear your thoughts as well, send them over!
-The beef was excellent. It had the real beef smell and taste. My daughters loved the burgers (no spice just a pinch of salt at the end) and the taste was wonderful. I even made some “mulokhia” with it which turned out ‘awesome’ as my daughters say!-SM

-The ground beef which was amazing - it is the most flavorful beef i have ever had and it just ‘feels’ healthy and holy.-AW

-The meat is wonderfully lean and light on the stomach. -Anon

-I wanted to let you know that we have been enjoying the wonderful beef. I love that there are so many different cuts. It lets me experiment a lot more with recipes. Preparing dinner is really becoming a joy as I get herbs from our garden and pick vegetables from the yard. I was always hesitant about using any meat in our foods, but now I am very comfortable knowing that I am really nourishing our bodies with it. We can’t begin to thank you enough for everything. -FA

-I was particularly impressed with the packaging and clear labeling of all of the different cuts of beef. The quality of the meat was superb.-EZ

-I wanted to share with you the awesome experience we had with your meat. We had the best shish kabobs we ever had… my boys gobbled it up! It tastes soo much better than regular meat. I actually like the “grassy” taste.-MH

-The beef and chicken were both excellent. We really had a positive experience with all of the orders. We love getting all of the different cuts of beef-FA

-Chickens and beef were cut well and packaged well. -FL

-Everything was fabulous, I loved the quality!-MB

-This service you’re providing is greatly appreciated in our household. The labels on the beef were helpful!-MQ-Green Zabiha is an answer to my prayers!-JW

-We had a sirloin steak, grilled it up and it was delicious!-MP

-The turkey was great, it came out nice and tender! Everyone really enjoyed it! -NM

-I haven’t eaten beef in three years, thank you Green Zabiha!-Anon

-The meat was wonderful and tasty, even our son at the liver I prepared!-Anon

-The jerky flavor was delicious, it really nailed what I was looking for!-RS