Thank you for your order, we sincerely appreciate it and look forward to getting your meat to you as soon as possible. We hope to exceed your expectations and realize that just like us, you take your food very seriously, so we take your order very seriously.

All meat is shipped in recyclable and reusable styrofoam coolers with enough dry ice to keep it frozen solid till it gets to you. For more information on finding locations that will recycle it, please see:

Local Foam Recycling Centers

Info on Mail-In Foam Recycling - Alliance of Foam Packaging Recyclers

Shipping is quick and easy, you will receive your quality meat directly at your door. We ship all orders using FedEx ground, but you have the option to choose expedited (overnight for example) as well. Cost of shipping is based on the overall weight and your location and is calculated before you check out.

Your order will get processed typically the next day, however please be aware that we do not process any orders on holidays or weekends.

If you choose to ship ground, please be aware that when your order ships depends on where you live. Below is a map of how long orders take to reach you:


Shipping days
If choosing ground, the following are the shipping days:

1 day: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (if you want Sat delivery)

2 day: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (if you want Sat delivery)

3 day: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (if you want Sat delivery)

4 day: Monday, Tuesday (if you want Sat delivery)

We realize there are times you need things sooner, so we can ship expedited as well, just choose which shipping you want when you checkout.

By the way, did you know?….Ground shipping is the least fuel consuming option, in fact according to the Center for Energy & Climate Solutions, shipping two 20 pound packages by ground uses 90% less fuel than driving 20 miles round-trip to the store.

Tracking your order
Once we ship your order we’ll send you a Fedex tracking number which you can use to track exactly where your meat is and when you can expect the delivery.

Return/Refund Policy

We want you to have a great experience with the meat and with our service! So if you are not satisfied with your order just let us know, we’ll be happy to replace or refund your money.

The one exception to this is if your order arrives but you decided to leave for a few days and didn’t make arrangements for it. That would be a waste, and we really don’t like that! So make sure you can receive the package, just let us know if you cant and we’ll work around it.


We are really excited about starting ‘buying clubs’ in cities where several people are ordering. This is how we buy much of our own organic products and a model we’d like to replicate since it cuts costs (especially shipping), helps to foster a sense of community (good excuse to see friends and meet new like minded folks), and lowers the carbon footprint.

Basically we’ll consolidate orders, ship it out on a regular basis via Air Cargo (which means it goes from airport to airport immediately, usually within a few hours), one person picks it up and then others would pick it up from their house. Think of it as a CSA (community supported agriculture) drop. We are in the process of building out the buying clubs, if you are interested in participating or being the lead, let us know!

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