Paleo Movement, Live Like a Caveman

NY Times: The New Caveman Life

An engaging overview of the emerging paleo movement. The idea is that humans should live and eat as they did when they were hunter-gatherers, since that is what we evolved to do, and modern food (cooking, dairy etc) and society have only come about relatively recently.

I agree completely with the spirit of living in a way that is more connected with nature; after all we wake up in our air conditioned houses, get into our air conditioned cars, and into our air conditioned offices sitting in a cube in front of a monitor all day…We don’t even know what the climate is like and if we need to check the weather we rarely push aside the blinds and take a peek out the window, or venture outdoors, we’ll log into a website! According to many sages modern man is disconnected, from each other, ourselves, nature, food that sustains us and ultimately reality.

Their alternative view on working out also makes a lot of sense, most traditional forms of exercise engaged the full body, and of course you didn’t really need to exercise when you were hunting and gathering. I recall seeing mountain villagers from the Kashmiri highlands, and they were amazing physical specimens that lived long healthy lives (that is for another post…).

From a diet perspective we obviously agree in eating well, and eating meat that has been raised naturally to ensure its wholesomeness. We do have some quibbles (like raw meat, no grain, no dairy), but nonetheless its quite an interesting movement that is highlighting some of the challenges we face.

We’d all agree that reconnecting modern man with reality is important, and by returning to traditional methods of living that have sustained humans for centuries we could benefit greatly.


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