NPR Story Tues 3/29

Salam and peace, tomorrow evening an NPR story that includes GZ will air on Marketplace. We spent the day with the reporter and tried our best to share our–and your–values. A major angle of the story is the professional relationship between GZ and KOL Foods, GZ for the Kosher community.

We hope it raises awareness of the importance of conscious eating, and perhaps shines a light on the reality of Islam that gets lost sometimes in the present geo-political discussions–it’s a deeply spiritually nourishing tradition that helps us to strive to be better people who seek harmony with all creation. Part of this is returning to our classical view of halal (and tayyib), hence the title ‘higher halal’. Factory farms that devalue animals into simple raw materials and strip them of any sacredness go against the very spirit of halal.

Tune in and let us know what you think, but don’t be too harsh–honest it was a long day so we don’t know how it’ll turn out :-).  We’ll be posting the link once its up.

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