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Goat kidney

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Quick Overview

Mountain range weed eater goat heart is a good substitute for goat meat. In many cultures kidney is the delicacy of choice.

Green Zabiha Mountain Range WEED EATER GOATS!

Exclusive to Green Zabiha, our 'weed eater' goats are unique! We've partnered with a cooperative of ranchers who raise their goats like no other in the US!

The goats are beyond free range and beyond pastured. They are raised in the mountain ranges, living their life hopping through the fields and valleys frolicking with each other as goats love to do. In fact you could say they live a life that closely resembles their wild ancestors. The US government and other land owners pay the farmers to run their goats in the wilderness as natural weed prevention. Goats will eat things no other animal will, including invasive weeds, so when these goats are running through the mountains eating they're helping to eliminate pesticide use for weed control!

Remember, when you buy Green Zabiha goat, you are not just buying goat meat, but you are making a major choice to benefit you and your family's physical and spiritual health, as well as the health of the environment:

  • All the goats are MOUNTAIN raged raised!

  • No hormones and No antibiotics

  • No grain in the feed, all the goat is exclusively GRASS FED

  • All the cuts are dry aged to enhance tenderness as well as increase flavor

  • No animal by products in the feed, in fact no feed at all, its just grass

  • No animals come from feedlots or stockyards, only animals directly from farms.

  • You are supporting farmers who heal the land through sustainable practices.

  • All animals are harvested by hand without use of stunning, (blunt traumatic force to the brain) minimizing the amount of blood left in the meat, making it more healthy

  • The meat is artisanally carved by hand and individually wrapped and labeled.

For more information and pictures, visit the gallery!

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