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Dvid Brown

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Salam, Peace and thank you for stopping by.

You're someone who values high quality, organically raised meats that have been afforded mercy and dignity through their whole life. You also care about the physical and spiritual health of your family and realize that nothing affects both more than the food we eat. And the environment? Well you realize that modern industrial agribusiness model of raising livestock is one of the worse pollutants in our modern world, and you'd like to know you're not a part of that. You also want to support small family run businesses and farmers who treat their livestock with dignity and mercy throughout their life. And of course, you appreciate that when the animals are harvested, it is done with a thankfulness and consciousness to their Creator and ours.

We know you, because these are all important to us as well.

Here at Green Zabiha Market you can shop for organic, halal meat that nourishes body and spirit. We thank you for stopping by, and encourage you to spend some time and take a tour of our humble neighborhood. You can also connect with us via Facebook or Twitter, and join our mailing list to be kept updated on the latest developments!

Please remember, there is a $50 min for all shipped orders