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How do Muslims view food? How did Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him!) interact and reflect upon food?


Is generally available meat halal (permissible)? Or are animals fed and slaughtered in a way that would relegate them haram (impermissible)?

How are we taught to view animals? What some of the issues with modern day factory farming? What might be the spiritual implications?

'...Those truly fear Allah, among His Servants, who have knowledge: for Allah is Exalted in Might, Oft-Forgiving' Al-Fatir 35:28

Welcome to the library, inshaAllah we will be updating with websites, books, videos and articles that we find valuable. We highly recommend using the resources to educate yourself as to the realities of our modern food industry. From the egg and dairy production, to beef and poultry, the industry relies on consumer being ignorant to what goes on. As Muslims we should not remain ignorant; Allah informs us in the above verse that the true servants are those who have knowledge. And knowledge of this is especially important because what we eat has a direct spiritual impact on us, and a physical one as well.

The books are excellent, from a critique of the philosophical underpinnings of this whole system (much more than meat industry, but modern scientific reductionism and all its manifestations), to practical steps towards eating wholesome in a world where wholesome food is hard to find.

The videos are a great audio/visual means of learning what happens in the industry, as well seeing actual footage. You will be very surprised to see how bad it is, from the perspective of animal welfare, to lack of regulations, to industry standard practices. May Allah help us all...ameen.


These are some books we'd consider 'essential' reading.

The videos include humurous flash animations, detailed documentaries, and graphic 'exposes' of factory farms (the latter are not suitable for children).

Though many oganizations that lead the charge in these exposes have a stated agenda to promote vegitarianism, they do a great service in bringing to light what many of us are completly clueless to, and help us to make better informed decisions.

Type: Documentary, Canadian
Synopsis: Excellent and comprehensive; how we have turned one of Allah's great creations (the cow) into a Frankensteer. Real footage of and interviews with owners of Factory Farms. Also touches on government in collusion with industry to approve regluations that are against interest of public health, but good for coporations.

Type: Flash Video Animation
Synopsis: A classic, spin on The Matrix, but instead of exposing the fake human reality exposes the our misguided perception of factory farms. Although a parody, it is nonetheless accurate and worth watching.


Madcow disease and U.S. beef industry

Type: Documentary, Korean, English sub-titles
Synopsis: Korea has been under pressure to allow beef imports from the US, and this documentary was made to show what the US meat industry is like. Intersting to see the Geo-Political games that are played with beef. Very comprehensive, covers science, health, politics and economics.


Meet Your Meat
Part 1 | Part 2

Type: Expose documentary
Synopsis: Using hidden cameras very graphic and disturbing images of how the modern meat industry works.


45 Days: The Life and Death of a Broiler Chicken
Part 1 | Part 2

Type: Expose documentary
Synopsis: Hidden cameras, showing the horrible conditions of broiler chickens (chickens used for meat). SubhanAllah, these are beautiful creations of Allah that are treated worse than inanimate objects.


Doreen the Downer

Type: Flash Video Animation
Synopsis: Tells the story of Doreen the cow in a short animation. Most ground beef comes from spent dairy cows, though the government just recently banned cows that cannot walk from slaughter.


Hope for the Hopeless, battery egg farm

Type: Expose documentary
Synopsis: Hidden cameras, focusing on egg production. Dairy and egg production is another area where animals are treated very poorly. Try to buy only organic milk (Organic Valley is what we recommend since it's cooperative of small farms) and cage free eggs if possible. Just as meat has a story, so does dairy and eggs, a story we should be aware of.


Tyson's Dirty Deeds

Type: Expose Documentary
Synopsis: Documents excesses in Tyson's chicken processing plants. From abuse of birds to filthy conditions. Also shows an example of where birds were not getting stunned, but were also not getting cut by the blade.


The World According to Monsanto

Type: French Documentary
Synopsis: Exposes how government and industry, specifically Monsanto corporation, have introduced GMO foods without approapriate scrutinization.


Natural Health and the Islamic Tradition
Hakim Archuletta

Type: Packaged set of 6 DVDs
Synopsis: Masterful DVD set, Hakim is a natural healer and this seminar will open your eyes to the rich Islamic tradition of Natural Healing.

As mentioned above, though many oganizations that lead the charge in the area of exposing factory farms have a stated agenda to promote vegitarianism, they do a great service in bringing to light what many of us are completly clueless to, and help us to make better informed decisions.
Mad Cowboy
Compassion over Killing
"Factory Kosher'

Power Steer, article by Michael Pollan on beef industry. He went on to author The Omnivore's Dilemma and In Defence of Food.

Unhappy meal, another Michael Pollan article.

Local economy, article on the importance of a local economy.

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