Halal Certified Organic Pastured Turkeys, Reserve Yours!

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****2010 Thank you for all the orders! Turkeys have been sold out!*****


Mmmm….Few things bring a family together like a turkey dinner. The stuffing, basting, aroma and plenty of tender flavorful meat seems to transcend the meal into a memorable bonding experience everyone loves!


It’s even more enjoyable when you know the story of your turkey…Our turkeys are raised on open green pastures on certified organic farms. They run around chasing bugs, eating grass, breathing fresh clean air and are served vegetarian, GMO free, and certified organic feed. We believe giving them natural foods and treating them with dignity makes for healthier happier birds, and better tasting meat as well.


You’ll be comforted as you sit to carve the turkey to know they weren’t cooped up by the thousands barely able to move, with feed that may have included all sorts of unhealthy stuff.


We do not package the turkeys with any preservatives, solution etc., up to 10% of the weight of conventional turkeys can be such agents, so you get lets meat for your buck.


They are hand-harvested, one by one, in a zabiha halal manner, with a care, consciousness and thankfulness we believe is a part of halal principles.


You will receive them the week of or week before Thanksgiving, the exact date to be determined based upon the number of orders. There is a limited quantity, and the last day to order is November 11th!! We’ll contact you about shipping.

Some more information:

How to carve a turkey

Turkey factory farming-(in case you want to see how the other side lives)

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  • Laura Nasser Says:

    so excited about the turkey! we put an order in for an 18-20 lb. turkey. thanks for all your wonderful work!!!! we so appreciate it. :) salaam to you and your family!

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