Part of restoring sacredness to food is reconnecting with its origin. Green Zabiha never buys animals raised on feedlots, or in factory farms, we wanted to share some pictures and if you are inclined you can contrast them with factory farming methods. We’re sorting through our pictures and will be adding more.

Click on a picture for a gallery of each farm!



Certified Organic Mountain Forage Lamb and Mutton:

Green Zabiha certified organic lamb and mutton are raised traditionally by Shepards moving their herd daily on the Mountainous sheep trails. They live life on mountain pastures fed by springs and breathing clean air. Each day they are moved to fresh pastures, and they feast on wild clovers, hearty grasses and shrub.

They never are fed any grain or other dietary supplement, just mothers milk, certified organic forage and what they seek out in their pastures. Beautiful!
Once a year they are brought back to the main ranch for sorting and winter feeding. When this is done they take over local streets! A sight not often seen in the US, yes this is the US!


Mountain Forage Raised Goats:

GZ Goats partnered with a cooperative of ranches who raise their goats in a very unique way. They are mountain range fed, feasting on thousands of acres of pesticide free land, and specialize in acting as non-chemical herbicide! You see they are hired by governments to eat invasive weeds that no other animals can eat, but these goats love them, like heat seeking missiles they run for the weeds.

Goats are truly playful animals, and they love to romp around in the mountains, running around having fun! Of course they are hormone and antibiotic free, and are not fed any grain, only grass. These Spanish Boer cross are harvested when they are still relatively light, so the meat is very tender and full of spectacular flavor that can come through feasting on wild clover, grass and mountain pastures fed by clean springs and fresh mountain air.


Zook’s Cooperative in Pennsylvania is a cooperative of Amish farmers who raise free-range, only vegetarian fed, non-GMO feed poultry. They are well known in the natural food community, and have close ties to many in the Weston A Price Foundation. Not all Amish raise naturally, some use the same chemicals and factory farms methods found in industrial production. But not the Zooks. There are no people in the pictures because we had to take all the pictures, as practicing Amish they did not want their picture taken, nor did they want to operate the camera.


Polyface Farms:

The iconic Polyface Farm (The Omnivore’s Dilemma, Food Inc Movie, perhaps the most famous organic/pastured/biodynamic farm in the US. We get cattle from Joel Salatin at Polyface and he has an amazing wealth of knowledge.

We first visited Polyface several years ago when we started to buy only ‘green’ meat, and we’ve been in touch off and on since then. Animals are grass-fed, and not only no antibiotics or hormones, but they are not vaccinated or dewormed. Read more about Polyface.

We get beef from Joel from time to time.


Mazour’s (Rich and Joe) Ranch:

A certified organic ranch that raises cattle and vegetables on over 1000 acres.
Their cattle are strictly grass fed, and certified organic.
It was a real pleasure meeting them, we’re sure you’ll agree that the farm is stunning and there was a surprise at every turn.