Food Inc Watch it for FREE! Online and on PBS

In case you have not watched it, or want to watch it again, you now see the Oscar nominated Food Inc for FREE on PBS or online.

Check online at here to see when its in your market.

Check online here to see it online for free!

If you eat you should watch this, otherwise its not really that important or interesting. Food Inc exposes the factory farm model of modern agri-business in all its glorious issues. From GMO (you are a guinea pig in biggest experiment in human history), to factory farms, animal welfare to workers rights…Its all a bit overwhelming, really.

But ignorance is NOT bliss, when it comes to what we are eating. It wont go away till we make more informed decisions on what we eat. As many have stated, we vote for what type of agricultural system we support every time we lift a fork to our mouths. Yes eating is a nutritional act, but is is also an economic, and political one as well. What we buy to eat determines our health, the health of our enviornment, our political policies, and drives the economy as well.

And of course, since your at GZ, you know our view. Eating is also a spiritual act, because there is no more intimate way we interact with our world than food. And what we eat affects our spiritual progression towards the Divine.

So watch it already!

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