Food…our spiritual health…our physical health…our Divine trust to take care of this earth….they are all intimately connected.

There are many answers to the question ‘why’ which we will be providing here. Certainly different people will weigh each area based on their world view, it may be that one resonates with you more than another, however we present all of these so you have a deeper understanding of the benefits….

For the health conscious , perhaps the superior nutrition and health benefits will be of greatest interest. Your Health READ MORE>>>

Others might take some solace in knowing that the animals were raised with dignity and in keeping with their innate natural patterns.  And when they were harvested, it was done with consciousness and thankfulness befitting these amazing creations.

Still others will others make the choice because of the bolder more flavorful taste that comes with grass fed organic meat that was raised eating on organic pastures. Taste: READ MORE>>>

Some are comforted to know that there are very real environmental benefits of organic grass fed beef, including no pesticide/herbicide use, no toxic runoff from farms to struggling waterways, and empowering farmers to keep farming, keeping pastures open and encouraging sustainable farming practices. The Environment: READ MORE>>>

And of course some definitely enjoy the convenience of shopping for high quality meat when they remember what they want, even if that means 1 am in the morning. And by setting up an automatic monthly order they don’t have to worry about ordering again, everything they want just arrives at their door stop so they can focus on other matters. Convenience & Quality: READ MORE>>>

What do you value? How much do you value you and your family’s health? How about your spiritual connection with the meat, knowing you are the final chapter in it’s story? Were you part of a story that allowed it to live happily? We hope you will actively engage with us–and yourself– in this discussion, we look forward to hearing from you.