GZ NPR Story, Some thoughts, Listen & Share

NPR Market Place just ran their story on GZ and KOL Foods. Give it a listen, leave a comment, share it, and let us know what you think. After looking at the picture, I’m thinking maybe Karima is right and its time to cut the hair? Hope she’s not reading this.

Its interesting, many people were quite surprised that they used the word ‘unlikely’ in the title, since its really not that odd that Muslims and Jews would find common cause. In fact perhaps no two religious communities have a more intertwined history than Islam and Judaism. And even now in our modern context, there are many similarities such as the focus of the story; we both have a living tradition when it comes to dietary laws around meat.  However the historical connections are often lost, in fact many people literally erroneously believe that Jews and Muslims have some sort of inherent dislike for each other.  As one comment on the story stated:

‘Finally, a story where Jews and Muslims aren’t trying to kill each other!!!! Let’s have more “good” news about life, I already know all the bad ones.

Another reality that gets lost in our present geo-political state of affairs is that Islam is a deeply spiritual path, ’spiritual’ is probably not a quality most would even associate with Islam.  More on this in another post.

What Devora has been doing is an inspiration, and for anyone that is looking for Kosher, Grass Fed, Organic meats give her a ring.

Finally quick clarification, I mentioned in the story that I bought lamb from Devora, that was for my own consumption over 1.5 years ago before we had any.  But any lamb we have ever sold (or any meat) has been harvested by us.

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