Green Certification!

We are excited to announce that Green Zabiha has been awarded Green America’s Certified Green Business

We’re especially happy since we are the first organization of any kind focused on organic grass fed meats to receive this certificate! And the first halal company to ever apply, much less get awarded! So we’re on the national Green Pages!

Green America (formerly Co-op America) is one of the leading organizations working towards a more sustainable and greener America. Established in 1982, the not-for-profit has been a leader in improving our world and making millions of people more aware of alternatives to ‘conventional’ ways of doing things. Green America has played a critical role in championing Fair Trade, sustainable agriculture, social justice and alternative energy initiatives in the US.

Green America also maintains the authoritative list of sustainable businesses in the US, the Green Business Network, and are also one of the key partners in the wildly popular Green Festival.

We went through a rigorous screening process as part of the certification to show that our principles and business processes are in line with Green America’s standards for business that help to be part of the solution for today’s enviornmental and social problems.

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