One of the most fulfilling aspects of GZ has been connecting with such a diverse group of like minded brothers and sisters across all races (white, black, Arab, Desi, Afghan, etc.), schools of thought (Sunni, Sufi, Shia, ‘Progressive’, ‘Conservative’, and followers of other religious traditions), ages, and a wide spectrum of occupations (bus drivers, CEOs, doctors, IT professionals, lawyers, social workers to name a few).

What ties us all together? Ultimately it is a sincere appreciation and emphasis on eating pure, clean, healthy food because we realize it is what nourishes our body and spirit. There are few things more important to both than what we consume. We want to know that the animals were treated with mercy, dignity, and allowed to live natural peaceful lives. And that even at the time of their harvest the spirit of halal was followed and it was as stress free as possible.

The GZ Community will better faciliate meaningful connections amongst one another. We are very excited to help people to meet one another through different means including events (farm tours, book clubs etc.), forums, and of course facebook .

We are also starting buying clubs in cities where there might be multiple people interested in ordering. This will futher foster a sense of community (in some cases people from the same city met each other through GZ!), decrease costs for those participating and also lower the carbon footprint.