What We Believe
-What we eat matters! It affects everything. It is more than just nutrients for our physical bodies.

-We strive to attain harmony with all creation, in the hopes that the Creator grants us harmony with ourselves.

-If we are going to prioritize our budgets, we believe clean, pure food is at the top of the list. We prefer to buy less quantity, but focus on quality.

-Tinkering with nature to try and ‘improve’ upon it almost always makes things worse. Sticking to natural patterns is the best approach.

-Following the zabiha (halal) methods for harvesting animals provides for the healthiest meats and when done properly is most humane approach.

-Halal is far more than just dry laws, it is an entire approach to raising and harvesting the animal.

Asalamu alaikum and Peace Be Upon You,

So how did we get here?

Well, Green Zabiha wasn’t an idea hatched by a team of marketers seeking a niche to target, nor is it a subsidiary of larger company looking for another market to exploit. No, dear friends, Green Zabiha started many years ago as a personal quest to provide our family with food that’s pure and clean. Though we only ate zabiha/halal meat, coinciding with the birth of our second child we learned more about factory farming methods and all the insanity that goes with it.

The more we learned the more troubled we were, and we wanted to know with certainty that the meat we ate was not fed any carcinogens, animal by products and in general wasn’t a victim of the modern factory farming industrial machine which strips the animals of all sacredness and reduces them to simple ‘raw materials’. Rather we wanted to ensure it was allowed to live life as the Creator intended, with the mercy and dignity they deserved, and allowed to live according to their natural patterns, which in turn produces happier animals, healthier meat, and environmental benefits.

How they were harvested was just as important. Were they marched through a mega-slaughterhouse that zips through thousands of animals a day, with no thought of reflection at the time of harvesting? It was important for us that they were hand harvested, and it was done with a consciousness that each animal is a gift, a blessing from their Creator and our Creator. By doing this we infuse, or perhaps maintain, a spiritual essence to the food, and by following the halal/zabiha (which is also biblical) method we ensure humane treatment as well as cleaner meat.

We believe our food choices matter, a lot. What we consume affects everything, from our physical health to our spiritual health, and we seek to nourish both. Since we started Green Zabiha solely with the goal to help us do so, we are passionate and never take any shortcuts.

We thank you for stopping by, and we look forward to hearing from you,

Our Standards

-Animals live outdoors, they are not raised in warehouses.

-Animals are raised without the use of hormones or antibiotics, and are not fed any chemicals.

-Ruminates (sheep, cows) are grass fed only, no grain which they are not created to eat.

-No animal (blood, pork, bones, rendered protein) by products or GMOs in any feed.

-Animals are not transported long distances to slaughter causing unnecessary additional stress

-No irradiation or bleaching of meat.

-No preservatives (msg/brine/nitrates) or additives of any kind.

-We work directly with small farmers who follow sustainable practices.

-No animals come from an auction/stockyards, feed lots or big agri-processors.


-No pre- or post-stunning is administered for any animal.

-Animals are fed up to time of slaughter (not industry practice).

-No shackling of animals prior to slaughter.

-All animals are hand-harvested by Muslims reciting the tasmiya.