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How do Muslims view food? How did Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him!) interact and reflect upon food?


Is generally available meat halal (permissible)? Or are animals fed and slaughtered in a way that would relegate them haram (impermissible)?

How are we taught to view animals? What some of the issues with modern day factory farming? What might be the spiritual implications?

Our mission is to inshaAllah promote among the Muslim community the need for a holistic approach to our food, particularly meat. Insisting on zabiha meat alone is not sufficient, we should strive to ensure that animals are given the opportunity to live as naturally as possible and are treated with rahma (mercy).

As Muslims we are informed by our tradition that our diet has a profound affect on not just our physical well-being, but perhaps even more so our spiritual; everything we consume nourishes our body as well as soul. We should be aware of how the modern meat industry functions, and realize that the meat may be detrimental to both.

InshaAllah, we also plan on providing-where possible-hormone-free, antibiotic-free, vegetarian-fed chicken, beef, goat and lamb that are raised naturally and ensured their dignity as prescribed by Allah.

InshaAllah we pray that we are able to connect with like-minded individuals and organizations, as we journey down our spiritual paths towards connecting with our Creator and Sustainer. Our companion blog will, inshaAllah, explore a wider range of relevant topics, with an eye towards navigating the modern world as a seeker of Divine Love.

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